Wood floor beforeBefore

Wood floor afterAfter

Specializing in high quality, dustless floor sanding and refinishing of all hardwood floors. We have been specializing in quality floor sanding and refinishing of all types of wood floors since 1983. Our company has always offered superior workmanship, clean service, courtesy and dependability for all of our customers.

We try to make the experience of having floors refinished as painless as possible. The good news is that it only needs to be done once and with the good products, it will last for many years to come.

Protecting your home:

The first priority when we arrive is to take care of your home. First we lay clean carpet runners over the pathway to the work area so nothing is tracked through your house. We also notice anything that could get broken, hanging lamps, wall hangings etc. and take any necessary precautions. We believe that taking care of your home is as important as the work itself. We leave your home clean when the work is done.

Easy care floors:

Cleaning our finished floors is easy. We will give you simple instructions about how to clean and care for your floors in the long term. It really doesn’t take much to keep them looking nice.

A beautiful wood floor refinishing job is a great investment for your home. It will increase the value significantly. It is such a warm, comfortable feeling to have such beautiful wood floors that will last and retain that value over time.