Can we live in the
house when the work is being done?

Yes, in most cases you can be staying in the house while the work is being done. You can walk through the work area during the sanding process and there are only short periods of time (4 to 5 hours) that access is cut off for coatings to dry.

Can the work be done in two stages?

Yes, the work can be done in separate stages if all furniture can not be removed from the work areas at once. We can help you with the logistics of how to split the work up into separate stages. We can also refer you to other storage options if storage of furniture is limited in the home.

How long after the work is complete can we move in?

The final coating needs to dry over night but furniture can be moved in the very next day. These products have extremely good hardening agents that eliminate the long drying times of older outdated products.

Do we handle the removal of carpeting?

Yes, we do carpet removal from the work areas. If you choose to do the carpet removal yourself, we can give you some helpful tips about how to do that properly.

Do we guarantee our work?

Yes! we completely guarantee our workmanship and products. We have been refinishing wood floors since 1983. Floor refinishing is a craft and we promise that the result will be floors that are smooth and beautiful with products that will stand up to high traffic over time.