We were pioneers in the beginning of the dustless floor sanding evolution and have always kept up with the changing technologies. There is more than one approach to controlling dust in this trade but not all are conducive to the highest quality end result. We are more than happy to explain these differences in detail with an in-home, prompt and courteous free estimate.

Hardwood floor refinishing has come a long way since 1983 with changes in machine technology as well as keeping up with using the highest grade polyurethane products that still conform to the ever-changing environmental (VOC) laws. We use only the most up-to-date machinery and tools and also have created and modified some tools and machines for maximum efficiency. We use mostly oil-based polyurethane products that not only conform to state laws but also have a high solids content for durability, ultra-violet blocking agents (prevents fading from sunlight) and most importantly, have a deep rich three-dimensional look that is far superior to lesser grade products. We can also adjust the amount of shine to your exact request, anything from satin (flat) to semi-gloss, to gloss (high shine), or any mixture that you choose.

Prefinished or Engineered floors?

This is the drawback with prefinished or engineered floors. Many of the laminated or even solid prefinished floors cannot be re-coated without the risk of de-lamination because of a poor bond. This leaves you no control of normal wear that occurs in high traffic areas if you can’t keep it protected. Also, prefinished floors do not look nearly as nice as a true solid wood floor finished and maintained professionally. It is hard to describe in words, but there is a very definite three-dimensional look to the true solid wood floor finished and maintained professionally.